Drone footage of an SRE Bitumen Sprayer in action

6 metre Telescopic variable width Bitumen Sprayer built for HEB Construction.



SRE provides a full range of bitumen sprayer options. From simple 500 litre trailer sprayers with a hand lance up to our premium 16,000 litre 8×4 with 6m telescopic spray bar. SRE is able to tailor the right sprayer to any customer’s need. In addition, SRE offers a range of storage and transport options from 2 axle full trailers to 4 axle semi-trailers for bulk distribution;

  • Bitumen Sprayers
    • Fully Transverse Extendable Spray Bar
    • Standard Fold up Spray Bar
  • Bitumen Trailers
    • (3, 4 & 5 axle full trailers)
  • Bitumen Tankers
    • (3 & 4 axle semi-trailers)
  • Emulsion Sprayers
    • Trailer mounted
    • Truck mounted
    • Hand lance or spray bar options
  • Tack Coat Sprayer
    • Trailer mounted
    • Truck mounted
    • Hand lance or spray bar options
SRE Services - Manufacturers of quality bitumen sprayers and trailers

Maintenance Services

SRE has a comprehensive workshop facility offering a full range of repairs and maintenance, servicing and component repair & manufacture. SRE offers a wide range of parts and materials for bitumen and emulsion equipment;

  • Air Actuated Bitumen Valves
  • Bitumen Spray Bars
  • Relief Valves
  • Bitumen Pumps
  • AIRTEC Pneumatic components
  • Pressure sensors
  • Temperature sensors
SRE Services - Maintenance Services offering a full range of repair, servicing and component repair

NZTA E/2 and RNZ9904 Certification

SRE provides the full range of services for E/2 and RNZ9904 compliance, from undertaking a compliance audit through to a complete triennial service and certification. We are able to provide;

  • Spray Test (E2) Certification or Renewal
  • Triennial and Annual Testing
  • RNZ9904 Auditing and compliance
  • Upgrade for Code of Practice and Dangerous Goods Requirement
  • Fully enclosed inside dedicated E/2 spray area
  • Labelling and signage
  • Dangerous goods documentation
  • Equipment such as First Aid kits, Fire Extinguisher, Burns Kits & spill kits
SRE Services - NZTA Certification

Computer Control Systems

SRE offers leading edge technology for bitumen spraying control systems and job management data. With SRE’s latest Bitumen Job Tracking System (BJTS) providing operators and managers real time data transfer between sprayer and office for improved productivities and data management. SRE is able to offer a wide range of systems from the full integrated system down to a basic manual control governor. We can also provide;

  • Sprayer Control Systems
  • Full PC touch screen computer control
  • Bitumen Job Tracking System (BJTS) real time web application for sprayer job management
  • Semi-Automatic PC interface
  • Manual basic governor system
  • Bitumen Heating System and Control
  • Diesel Burners
  • 3 Phase Electric
  • Dual
  • Auto and Semi Auto
  • Individual emulsion and bitumen programming
  • Tank Level Readout and heating safety lockout
  • Electronic readout
  • High / low level lockout
  • Tilt lockout
SRE Services - Computer Control Systems

Our Team


Dion Sinclair

Dion Sinclair

Business Manager

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Mobile: 027 837 4737

Dion Sinclair

Chris Kaelin

Mechanical Engineer

Phone: 07 848 1197
Mobile: 0276 83 83 83

Dion Sinclair

Arron Stevens

Workshop Manager

Phone: 07 848 1197
Mobile: 022 359 7080



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